Privacy Policy

To get the full benefit from Dressage Tracker, users are able to backup their data online. To do this, Dressage Tracker requires one of the email addresses associated with the Android device in order to create a unique space online.

The email address collected is ONLY used as a means to create this unique identifier for Dressage Tracker to locate the user's data. The email address is NOT used to send any email notifications - and the email address is NOT passed on to anyone. It is simply used as an efficient, secure way to ensure all user's data is kept separate and secure. The registration/login details are used by Google's Firebase server as a means to securely verify each user is indeed who they say they are.

For Dressage Tracker to locate one or more email addresses registered on the Android device, the App will ask permission to search on the device. Note : Searching for email addresses registered on the phone; NOT searching through personal contacts!

Dressage Tracker allows the user to link photos and videos stored on the Android device to the App. This requires the user's permission also.

Dressage Tracker is free to download. The free version will only allow one horse to be created and a maximum of four Tests to be stored. The Premium upgrade can be purchased through the App (In-app Product) for £6.99 This will unlock the limited number of Tests and only one horse.

Dressage Tracker does not require internet access; however for a monthly £1.69 Subscription (cancel at any time) you have the ability to backup your data securely online.

Downloading Dressage Tracker onto your Android device

Dressage Tracker is available for download from the Google Play Store.