About Dressage Tracker

Diagnostic Dressage Android App

Working with a dressage rider, it became apparent that whilst there are useful Apps to help learn tests, there was not a piece of software for analysing and compiling the performance of tests in detail.


Which tests does the rider perform particularly well at?

Highest/Lowest/Average score?

Which transitions does the rider need to focus on?

Is the rider generally improving over time?

What is the frequency of the different tests?

What is the spread of the rider's placing?


Furthermore, the rider can :

See a summary of the judges' comments over time

Link photos and videos recorded to tests - for easy locating!

View tests in a calendar format

Securely backup data online

Export test data in CSV format

Dressage Tracker is free to download. The free version will only allow one horse to be created and a maximum of four Tests to be stored. The Premium upgrade can be purchased through the App (In-app Product) for £6.99 This will unlock the limited number of Tests and only one horse.

Dressage Tracker does not require internet access; however for a monthly £1.69 Subscription (cancel at any time) you have the ability to backup your data securely online.

Downloading Dressage Tracker onto your Android device

Dressage Tracker is available for download from the Google Play Store.